GIATMARA is a grass root level training institution established under the companies act and is known as GIATMARA Sendirian Berhad. The administration of GIATMARA is placed under MARA, an agency under the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW).

The establishment of GIATMARA aims to provide technical and vocational skills training to youths in rural areas and in towns to enable them in acquiring skills as preparation to become skilled work force and technical entrepreneurs in meeting the needs of the industry and needs of economic development as well as entrepreneurship within local areas and in the country. The budget to manage operations of GIATMARA is fully funded by the Malaysian government through the allocation channeled through MARA.

GIATMARA commenced operations in January 1986 at GIATMARA Jitra (now known as GIATMARA Prima Kubang Pasu) with its first intake of 60 trainees in fields of Domestic Electricity, Brickwork Bond & Wood Joinery and Iron Bending. The response and high demands towards the GIATMARA programme lead to its rapid growth in terms of numbers and programmes offered. At this time GIATMARA offers 39 types of courses under 12 types of clusters namely Mechanical, Architecture, Transportation, Manufacturing, Printing, Electrical, Computer & IT, Fabrics, Electronics/ Mechatronics, Culinary, Hairdressing & Cosmetology and Hospitality.