GIATMARA will join Malaysia Technology Expo 2019 (MTE2019) from 21 to 23 Februari 2019 at Dewan Tun Razak 3 dan 4 Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra, Kuala Lumpur.

In this regard, you are invited to witness the Invention & Innovation Awards 2019 in
Malaysia Technology Expo 2019 (MTE2019).

For your information MTE 2019 will be represented by 6 GIATMARA participants together with innovation projects as well as match the following matches.

1. Selangor

– Hijabista Drawer – GM Kota Raja

– Smart Injector Tester – GM Kapar

– Trivia 25 Heroes – GM Kota Raja
2. Johor

– Switch Extender (SwitchEx) – GM Pasir Gudang

– Bricklaying Tools – GM Tanjong Piai

3. Kelantan

– Coconut Husk Remover – GM Bachok

Together we support and pray for the success of GIATMARA participants.

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